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Personal MinistryDesign™

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“I perceive a great opportunity for incorporating the techniques of Work Alignment into a Lean Manufacturing
initiative to provide the basis for
sustaining excellence in an organization. Through a well structured and well aligned system of accountabilities, Work Alignment tools can be effectively implemented
to firmly and permanently integrate
the organization’s movement
toward excellence.”

— Mike Rankin
General Manager, 2000-2010
Badger Meter de Mexico

“I view Teaming by Design as an excellent toolkit for anyone involved in working together. It provides simple, clear information, tools and examples of each element of effective teamwork. The most complete and user-friendly seen to date.”

— Eric Adams
Contracts & Program Advisor
Employee Development Systems Group
Imperial Oil Limited

Judith Barrette, former Director, Human Resource Development Center for the State of Arizona’s Dept. of Transportation holds the Facilitation System Administrators Guide, a guide she co-authored for the agency’s program.


ODAS™ Model: The Organizational Development
Approach Scale (ODAS™
) Assessment is McFletcher's organizational design assessment and planning process adapted from Dr. Harold Leavitt's work.

Clients exploer their organization's ability to support
its mission, currently and in the future, by measruing the condition of Task, Culture, Structure and Systems along
a continuum of controlable and uncontrollable influences.

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PMD™ Illustration: The three elements of Personal MinistryDesign™: the heart represents one's Heart Beat
for purpose in life, the packages represent Spiritual Gifts, whether wrapped or open for use, and the red wagon represents WorkStyle Patterns® delivery for a person's
personal ministry.


Tools & Products

Realizing the Promise of Work
Tools & Products for Aligned Work  

Our life’s work is substantiated each time we assist in aligning its people, positions, goals and the marketplace. Work environments where both clients and employees speak with positive passion about experiences have discovered the power of work alignment where everyone understands the company’s mission and goals, and everyone is working toward those goals in a unified focus.

When work to be done is balanced – or aligned – with the preferences of an employee, a team or the organizational culture with business and market requirements, the probability of both customer and job satisfaction rises dramatically.

To help work environments achieve balance, McFletcher provides a system of integrated Work Alignment books and tools – individual and team inventories, organizational and cultural assessments, alignment planning products, work improvement processes and workplace research. The McFletcher Corporation enables individuals, teams and work environments to Realize the Promise of Work – to create positive and productive processes for people to accomplish their work.

Realizing the Promise of Work Book

Realizing the Promise of Work is a book with concepts put into action and workplace principles put into practice.

This book offers a Work Alignment process that includes a wide range of work-related issues and solutions. With the solutions, it offers the 'WHY,' the 'WHAT' and the 'HOW' for aligned work.

As you apply the Work Alignment principles and practices described in this book – no matter where you work or what you do – you will be deeply enriched. You will be fulfilled by striving for what is right for the workplace and the workforce, with insight and wisdom to pass on to future generations.

The authors, Donna McIntosh-Fletcher and Tomas McIntosh-Fletcher, are Principal Consultants of The McFletcher Corporation.

Teaming by Design Book

Written for team members, facilitators and leaders, McFletcher’s book Teaming By Design: Real Teams for Real People, will help your organization create a realistic process flow for teamwork. It will help organizations identify when to and when not to use teams to accomplish work. It also provides research on teaming levels and specific process steps.

The author, Donna McIntosh-Fletcher, is a Principal Consultant and CEO of The McFletcher Corporation.

Facilitator System

This system develops employee facilitation and group management skills. The system includes recruitment and communication methods. Training programs include a three-day Role Clarification that equips selected line employees to understand the purpose and application of facilitation within their organization and a five-day Level I Competency Facilitator Skill development program.

ODAS™ for Organizational Assessment

Since its inception, The McFletcher Corporation has specialized in custom-designed Organizational Alignment services, assessments and audits and action planning processes.

The Organizational Development Approach Scale™ (ODAS™) is a combination of an assessment and action planning process for alignment of
  1. Internal operational factors,
  2. External market impacts, and
  3. Global interfaces.

Created specifically for line managers to use in their strategic planning, it provides an understanding of what is out of alignment and what to focus on and prioritize in the plan. It also provides objective statements to incorporate in the plan.

Personal MinistryDesign™ (PMD™)

Mankind’s deepest satisfaction and sense of purpose comes from serving others, yet we often hold back with the questions, where, what and how. The Personal MinistryDesign™ (PMD™) program addresses these questions by discovering the answers lying already within.

Where discovers passion, What — defines talents and skills and How — determines a preferred way of working. PMD™ then bundles these together for a complete understanding of one’s potential ministry of service for God.

The program concludes with a personal action plan to integrate and align with service opportunities for immediate implementation.







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